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Compare and buy tickets for friendly football matches all around the World. We list International friendly matches as well as fixtures between clubs. We also list tickets for pre-season and exhibition football tournaments such as the Premier League Summer Series or Soccer Champions Tour in the USA, the Rakuten Cup in Japan, or the Emirates Cup in London.

Also, renowned European clubs tend to use the pre-season summer period for touring across the United States, Asia, Australia or Middle Eastern countries. This allows them to test their recruits against the best local teams or other top European squads. For football fans outside Europe, it is the perfect occasion to see your favourite football team in action live from the stadium. Furthermore, ticket prices are usually lower than regular domestic or continental league matches.

Look at the list of the next friendly and pre-season football matches below, and start comparing ticket prices today!


Next friendly football matches

October 2023
Fri 13 October  19:45 BST
London, ​​England
England - AustraliaInternational Friendly Tickets From 51€
Sat 14 October  15:00 EDT
East Hartford, ​​United States
United States - GermanyInternational Friendly Tickets From 95€
Sat 14 October  20:30 EDT
Charlotte, ​​United States
Ghana - MexicoInternational Friendly Tickets From 52€
Tue 17 October  20:30
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, ​​Spain
United States - GhanaInternational Friendly Tickets From 31€
Tue 17 October  20:00 EDT
Philadelphia, ​​United States
Mexico - GermanyInternational Friendly Tickets From 47€
November 2023
Tue 21 November  20:45
Vienna, ​​Austria
Austria - GermanyInternational Friendly Tickets From 119€
December 2023
Sat 16 December  15:50 PST
Berkeley, ​​United States
Mexico - ColombiaInternational Friendly Tickets From 74€