FIFA World Cup Qualifiers tickets

October 8, 2020 to March 29, 2022 Worldwide Tickets

Select a match from the list of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers and compare ticket prices today. All the nations are divided into groups according to their federation and will try everything to qualify for the most prestigious international football competitions.

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FIFA World Cup Qualifiers fixtures and tickets

All times are shown in local time

2022 World Cup play-offs

World Cup Qualifiers logo Play-off

Wed 1 June 19:45 BST
Glasgow, Hampden Park
Scotland - Ukraine Tickets from 297€

World Cup qualifiers Group stages

The World Cup qualifiers group stages are over

World Cup Qualifiers group stage standings

Each nation meets its rivals from the same group in the form of a two-way match.

Europe (UEFA)

Group A Standings

1479 Serbia2086201899
2431 Portugal17852117611
3469 Ireland982331183
4408 Luxembourg98305818-10
5551 Azerbaijan18017518-13

Group B Standings

1410 Spain19861115510
2423 Sweden1585031266
3470 Greece108242880
4533 Georgia78215612-6
5538 Kosovo58125515-10

Group C Standings

1432 Switzerland18853015213
2411 Italy16844013211
3468 Northern Ireland9823367-1
4424 Bulgaria88224614-8
5550 Lithuania38107419-15

Group D Standings

1406 France18853018315
2524 Ukraine1282601183
3532 Finland11832310100
4527 Bosnia78143912-3
5528 Kazakhstan38035520-15

Group E Standings

1429 Belgium20862025619
2534 Wales1584311495
3530 Czech Republic1484221495
4526 Estonia48116921-12
5409 Belarus38107724-17

Group F Standings

1427 Denmark271090130327
2548 Scotland231072117710
3535 Israel161051423212
4537 Austria161051419172
5552 Faroe Islands410118723-16
6545 Moldova110019530-25

Group G Standings

1407 Netherlands231072133825
2531 Turkey2110631271611
3536 Norway18105321587
4434 Montenegro12103341415-1
5546 Latvia9102351114-3
6525 Gibraltar0100010443-39

Group H Standings

1471 Croatia231072121417
2554 Russia221071219613
3541 Slovakia141035217107
4549 Slovenia141042413121
5430 Cyprus510127421-17
6547 Malta510127930-21

Group I Standings

1473 England261082039336
2433 Poland2010622301119
3539 Albania181060412120
4543 Hungary171052319136
5542 Andorra610208824-16
6553 San Marino0100010146-45

Group J Standings

1472 Germany271090136432
2544 North Macedonia1810532231112
3428 Romania17105231385
4529 Armenia1210334920-11
5478 Iceland9102351218-6
6540 Liechtenstein110019234-32

South-America (CONMEBOL)

1425 Brazil4618144040535
2474 Argentina4018117027819
3477 Uruguay281884622220
4492 Ecuador261875627198
5466 Peru24187381922-3
6476 Colombia231858520191
7426 Chile19185491926-7
8493 Paraguay16183781226-14
9491 Bolivia151843112342-19
10490 Venezuela101831141434-20

North and Central America (CONCACAF)

1753 Canada281484223716
2480 Mexico28148421789
3488 United States2514743211011
4482 Costa Rica25147431385
5481 Panama21146351719-2
6713 Jamaica11142571222-10
7671 El Salvador1014248818-10
8465 Honduras4140410726-19

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