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The origins of football in Russia can be traced back to the late 19th century, and over the years, it has grown into a highly respected and followed sport. The Russian Premier League, the top division, is home to notable clubs like Spartak Moscow, Zenit Saint Petersburg, and CSKA Moscow, each boasting a storied past and a loyal fan base. Below the Premier League, the Russian Football National League and lower divisions also contribute to the thriving landscape of Russian football. The Russian Cup and the Russian Super Cup are key competitions that add to the excitement, showcasing the competitive spirit of Russian football. Known for its tactical discipline and physical style of play, Russian football offers a unique spectacle that combines traditional European football with its own distinctive characteristics.

The Electrifying Fan Culture of Russian Football

Football is part of Russian national identity, uniting people across different regions. The clubs represent more than just teams; they are symbols of regional pride and historical legacy. This is particularly evident in the passionate atmosphere of Russian football stadiums. Grounds like the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg are famous for their intense and loyal support. Russian fans are known for their enthusiastic and vocal backing, creating a vibrant atmosphere with their chants, banners, and unwavering support. The experience of attending a football match in Russia is unique, characterized by a blend of fierce loyalty, communal spirit, and a deep love for the sport.

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Kazan Arena

Capacity: 45379 spectators | Address: pr. Khusaina Yamasheva, 115 A, 421001 Kazan, Russia

Russian Super Cup: Zenit St Petersburg vs CSKA Moscow Saturday 15 July 2023


Stade Luzhniki

Capacity: 78360 spectators | Address: ul. Luzhniki, 24, 119048 Moscow, Russia

Russian Cup final: Dynamo Moscow vs Spartak Moscow Sunday 29 May 2022

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